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What makes a bathroom remodeling
job successful? The designer? The
installers? The contractor ? How
about the materials used? The
selections and colors? All of these
questions have to be answered and
these questions cover most aspects
of having your bath or kitchen
remodeling project work for your

For example;
In the bathroom above, I was
instructed to make the bathroom feel
bigger even though I could not enlarge
the foot print of the bath. The right
materials used proved to be the key.
Originally my client asked that we do
something similar to what was done
to her master bathroom when she
bought her home.

When I saw what type of tile she had
in her bathroom I immediately thought
"This will not work". I have nothing
against the porcelain tile that was
used but I envisioned something that
would be unique to her and I based
my selections of tile, fixtures and
plumbing accessories on my clients
wishes and her lifestyle.

For instance I wanted to introduce her
to natural stone and glass with its
many different characteristics. As I
noted previously I listened to her
desire to keep the feel of the 100 year
in. She wanted the feel of old and at
the same time modern.

I knew right away that by using natural
stone tile to remodel her bath in a
different way and layout it would give
the aged lived in feeling she was
looking for and at the same time give
her the modern touches. We installed
a soaking air tub and industrial type
faucets. I even refinished her closet
door by sanding down the original
clear lacquer finish and staining in an
uneven manner to give the
appearance of old.

tile setters set this slate tile
vertically to give the illusion of tall
ceilings inserting glass tiles randomly.
floor tile installation was set with
an Italian porcelain tile famous for the
metallic finish. She loved it and we had
a lot of fun finding her treasures.
Kitchen Bathroom Tile Installation Contractors

Make your bath, kitchen or home interior remodeling project come to life by selecting
remodeling materials including tile and design patterns that are unique and different from the
bathroom/kitchen interior design update.
Expand your small bathroom without costly additions by taking space from an adjoining closet
and framing in a new shower stall. Even though the foot print of your bathroom does not change
the added room in the shower stall will give you more elbow space and a shower bench for
relaxing time that you deserve.
Distinctive Kitchen Bathroom
Remodeling Designs

One key to success in home
design is the selection of
the remodeling materials that speaks
to who you are and how you want to
feel. Most likely you have an idea
about what you would like your kitchen
or bathroom project to look like but
you may need help to see it through.

The plumbing and electrical finishes
and accessories and the color palette
and textures are the items that will
promote the spa like feeling of
elegance and comfort in your
bathroom remodel project or
contemporary crisp flow in your
kitchen remodel design.

This can be accomplished with glass
tiles in combination with the use of
natural stone tile such as marble,
granite, travertine, slate and limestone.

Keep in mind that with today’s
technology maintaining natural stone
products is not a chore when the
proper sealant is applied
to the
tile installation.
Boulder Tile Installers

A TILE NATION bathroom remodeling
services include steam showers built
with Schluter/Kerdi waterproofing
systems.  This
shower pan system is at
the cutting edge in water proofing

Shower pan repair and installation using

Electrical and plumbing by Colorado
licensed plumbers and electricians.
Custom European frameless shower
door enclosures. Granite marble slab
bathroom vanity and countertops. ADA
compliant bathroom remodeling.

No curb shower, wheel chair accessible.
Installing the highest quality tile for
your kitchen, bathroom, shower or
master bath remodeling project.
Stacked stone and glass tile set vertically Boulder,CO
Boulder kitchen remodel with granite countertop
Boulder kitchen tile backsplash and granite slab countertops
Boulder kitchen design using mini slate subway tiles and granite countertops
Natural Stone tiles for kitchen and
bathroom remodel projects are an
excellent choice by offering beauty &

The heart of the home is the kitchen. So enjoy yourself with a kitchen
that is not only beautiful but functional.

After all in today's lifestyle trends your kitchen is the place where it's
at. Make it appealing to your senses and think out of the box. Look
to use different types of surfaces that will please the pallette.
Quartz stone tile and porcelain shower pan Boulder,CO
Earth slate tile bathroom floor Boulder,CO
Boulder Shower with natural stone and porcelain
Boulder Shower Bench with Marble and travertine tile
Bathroom with natural stone wall tile and glass tile Boulder,Colorado
Glass tile and slpit face stone tile kitchen splash Boulder,Colorado
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