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Denver, Colorado
Denver shower base tiled and sealed
Shower stall with granite bench and river rock tile Denver
Shower pan liner with seam denver, Colorado

When do you think of your shower
pan? Most likely when you are in
the middle of a
bathroom remodel
project or if you're like most
people, you don't have a clue of
what a shower pan is until it starts
leaking down through your kitchen
ceiling. The plumbing may or may
not be the leaky problem.

Many people are surprised when
after they call a plumber to inspect
the plumbing leak to be told by the
plumber that the problem is not
the plumbing but rather the shower
pan. The plumbers advice to the
home owner is to call a tile

The job of having your shower tile
professionally installed should give you
the peace of mind of never having to think
about the
shower pan  liner again.
Unfortunately if the tile pan liner is not
installed properly within a years time,
evidence of the faulty installation will
reveal itself.

The purpose of the shower base is to hold
water and direct the flow to the shower
drain regardless of the location of the
drain. (Some drains are centered while
others for various reasons cannot be
In appearance the
tile installation for the
shower or steam shower floor should look
flat. In reality the slope pointing towards
the drain from all directions should be 1/4
inch per lineal foot.

Have you ever stepped into a shower
and felt as though you were about to
fall over? Have you noticed standing
water after a shower? This is
evidence of improper shower
drainage and/or a bad shower pan
mud job.

Tile popping up and grout cracking
can be evidence that the drainage
weep holes are blocked thereby
preventing proper drainage and
although the pan liner itself is not
leaking the hydro static pressure
from standing water beneath the tile
has no where to go but up, cracking
grout and loosening tiles.
Shower Pan Tested for Leaks Denver Inspected

We're asked on a daily basis if it's
necessary to have a new shower pan
inspected. In Denver county the shower
pan is inspected when there is a seam

Notice the seam in the picture to the left.
The inspector will look to make sure that
the pan is holding water. If the new pan
being installed has no seam an inspection
is not necessary. (Depending on your
location you'll need to check local

Although an inspection may not be
required the shower pan MUST ALWAYS
BE TESTED. Some tile installers skip this
critical step because of pressure to get the
job done quickly. Ask yourself, do you
want it fast or do you want it to last?
Make sure your tile installer does this test
for a successful
bathroom design and a
shower that will not leak.
Walk in shower no curb. Schluter/Kerdi waterproofing liner Denver,CO
Waterproof bathroom with Schluter/Kerdi travertine floor tile Denver, Colorado
Denver No curb walk in travertine tile shower - Schluter shower pan liner

There are many products for the do-it-yourself
homeowner, professional tile contractor and
home builder to choose from as regards to
shower pans.

When we began installing over 30 years ago
there was hot mop and mud/dry pack, lead
liners and mud/dry pack, copper liners and
mud/dry pack.

Dry pack or deck mud is still used by our tile
installers today for it's superior strength and
versatility especially in custom showers and
shower floors where a standard size pre made
pan will not work or a special order pan is cost

What has changed in the shower pan
installation process? The shower pan liner!

Todays liner is rubber or vinyl based.
One company in particular has changed the
process entirely and has been installed in
showers where other methods would not work.
Schluter products has proven successful for
many bathroom contractors.
Leaking shower pan in need of repair Denver, Colorado
Water leaking around drain. Bad shower pan installation Denver
Tile and shower pan repair:

As specialist in the shower pan repair
field, we are called daily in order to
ascertain the origin of leaking shower
bases and solutions or causes for the
The shower pan (pictured to the left) is
only about 2 years old.
After tearing out the tile and cement
shower pan liner is exposed.

The liner is lifted back and the tell tale
signs of water leakage becomes
visible by the water stains on the
bathroom shower sub-floor. After this
inspection the liner is found not to be
the cause for the leak.

The pan was not installed properly.
Shower pan repair grouted sealed and finished Denver, CO
This shower pan repair is fixed. 2x2 slate
sheet tile is installed to the shower floor
only after the cement was allowed to cure.
Tumbled marble sheet tile shower pan Denver
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