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Denver, Colorado

Denver flooring for interior or
tile installation starts with
the proper floor underlayment to
meet the jobsite requirements as
set forth in ANSI tile standards.

In the example below the sub floor
installation was 3/4 inch t&g
plywood. Schluter/Ditra was chosen
as the underlayment for it's low
profile 1/8th inch to compensate for
the height of the  tile and carpet to
be installed.
Since this floor tile installation
is to be in a master bathroom
where water is present Ditra
is a good choice.
Not only does it serve as an
underlayment but also as a
crack isolation membrane and
water resistant moisture
barrier an excellent choice for
bathroom remodel.

One of the keys to a professional
floor tile installation is to know
where your layout is going and what
your cuts are going to look like.
The size of the cuts and where to
place them is the number one
concern for the professional tile
Interior Designer and the

There are several ways in
determining where the cuts should
go and much depends on the size
of the tile and the configuration of
the room.

In this example our tile setter is dry
setting the tile in place. The tile
being set is an Italian 18x18
porcelain tile and by laying the tile
out in this fashion the tile installer
can determine what size cuts are
needed and where to place them for
the most appealing look. The tile
cuts will be made using this method
and laying tile in thinset will not take
place until all the cuts are made.
When it comes to floors, keep it flat!

For the best results in grouting tile floors read the directions listed on the thinset
materials and grout instructions. Depending on the underlayment, type of tile
installed and jobsite conditions, adequate curing time is essential for the longest
lasting results desired, namely grout that will not crack or flake over.
Not all tile and grout needs to be sealed, it depends on the recommendation of
the manufacturers. In this case the porcelain tile doesn't need to be sealed but
the grout does. Knowing what grout sealer to use comes with over 30 years of
experience and the results of countless hours of installations and research
necessary for the lasting beauty of your
tile installation projects.
Denver Flooring Remodel

This Italian porcelain floor tile was
installed in a straight course
pattern. Enhanced with a metallic
finish on the surface of the tile it
glimmers when light reflects onto it.

Porcelain tile was part of the
installation for the wainscot and
shower walls. The shower floor is a
2x2 slate tile with a Schluter/Kerdi
drain and
shower pan
waterproofing system.

The floor underlayment used for this
flooring installation is Hardi tile
backer board which is thinset  to
the sub-floor and screwed into
placement before the porcelain tile
is installed.

The tile grout used for this project is
Custom's Sure Color Prism grout.
Denver flooring preferred grout.

Floor maintenance on this and
most porcelain floor tiles is quite
easy. Simply use a mild dish soap
with cool water and rinse. There is
no need to seal the porcelain
although sealing the grout is a good

Porcelain flooring is leading the
kitchen and bathroom remodeling
industry as the choice for lasting
beauty in kitchens, bathrooms and
interiors. Porcelain Flooring offers
strength, beauty and versatility that
is hard to beat and is very
affordable for today's bathroom
remodel kitchen floor projects.
PORCELAIN Tile Flooring

Porcelain tile is one of the most
popular flooring being installed
today.The reason? How about
versatility! Like these tiles featured
DAL TILE Denver, Colorado

Porcelain tile is extremely durable
in strength. It's a harder surface than

Porcelain tile does not need to be
sealed and comes in a wide variety
of styles and shapes.

There are however poor quality
porcelain tiles in the market. The
tiles pictured on this page are only
the highest in quality porcelain.
Porcelain floor tile in Denver
Bathroom floor tile layout
Master bathroom floor ready to grout
Bathroom floor with Ditra underlayment
Master bathroom before tile
Porcelain Floor Tile from Dal Tile
Slate Floor Tile from Dal Tile
Fibra Floor Tile from ARIZONA TILE

The warmth of natural stone tile is
hard to duplicate.
Nature has had thousands of years
to perfect the perfect floor.

Some people may shy away from
using natural stone tiles for their
flooring needs however with today's
setting materials and tile sealants,
maintenance on this slate tile floor
is a breeze.

Another thing to consider! When
tile chips, it needs to be replaced.
When slate tile chips it adds to the
ambiance. AWESOME!

That's because the material is the
same through out the tile which
makes for a long lasting and very
appealing tile floor.
Fibra Porcelain Bathroom Floor Tile
Fibra Porcelain tile on floors,wals and shower
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